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Heyuan City, Hang plastic factory

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Environmentally friendly plastic products such as flame retardant masterbatch

15-plastic industry-leading technology

Zi plastic products has been professional, innovative for the purpose. To provide customers with cost-effective products, improve Properties of plastic products, to solve all kinds of problems.

Advanced equipment, standardized plant

Has more than 6,000 square meters modern plant, with high-tech 6 professional production equipment manufacturers, 2 research and development production line strength.

Has a professional technical team

Strict enforcement of various industry standards, according to customer needs, providing professional solutions. One to one technical support engineer.

Strong productivity, full service

Provide you with timely marketing related to pre-market after-sales service, such as service and technical support.

Heyuan City, Hang plastic factory
Green plastic flame retardant masterbatch
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Heyuan City, Hang plastic factory

was established in 1992, located in the "China Excellent Tourism City," said the Heyuan City, plant a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. In 2002, "Chinese plastic city ---- Zhangmutou 'offices (Zhangmutou Chuanheng plastic materials firm).

Factories specializing in the production of: green plastic flame retardant masterbatch, plastics compatibility, toughening agents......

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Heyuan City, Hang plastic factory
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